Tuesday, December 06, 2005

¡Viva Chávez! ¡Vive la revolución de Bolívar!

Hugo Chávez, the democratically elected leader of Venezuela, is under fire from Republican critics for trying to "control the media" and "subverting human rights" in Venezuela. But this is all hogwash. Venezuela has had 11 elections in 7 years, and the authenticity of the elections has been verified by outside organizations as fair and just (unlike the American election of 2004, which was condemned around the world by human rights organizations for being crooked as a dog's hind leg). Hugo Chávez has retained power in all of them and gained in the last few. So why do Republicans hate him and want to assassinate him? Because he has nationalized Venezuela's oil supply. It's as simple as that. American and British oil companies want control of his oil markets, and they (like they did with Saddam Hussein) want to overthrow Chávez's government so that they can control more of the oil market share and raise the prices of oil. But Chávez is using profits from Citgo, the Venezuelan state oil company, to clean up the massive slums in Venezuela, feed the poor, and educate the country. He is trying to turn the nation into a first-world country, and defeat poverty. Chávez has even offered to sell heating oil to the poor in the United States at a 40% discount. Some deals with east-coast cities have already been made. We all know how much Republicans hate educating the poor, so this obviously infuriates them to no end. Lately, the anti-Chávez propaganda in this country has been amped up by friends of the American oil companies. It is your responsibility as a free-thinking citizen to meet this anti-Chávez propaganda with intense scrutiny. Chávez has already survived an attempted coup that was likely supported by right-wing groups in America. Pat Robertson, mouthpiece for the religious right, has publicly called for Chávez's assassination. But Chávez remains immensely popular in Venezuela, and his reform efforts are attempting to bring a potentially powerful nation out of the shadows and into the first world. I suppose this means get your gas at Citgo from now on, an oil company that does not believe that it is okay to start wars and murder people simply to expand market share.


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