Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Pseudo-Journalism in Milwaukee: "The Warrior" Prints Only Part of t > l Letter to the Editor; Omits Our Correction of Their False Claims

The Warrior (an upstart outlet specializing in the repetition of conservative misinformation and wallowing in their own self-pity) has selectively published a piece of the letter to the editor truth > lies sent them. As seen in this post, truth > lies dismantled an article that attempted to smear and expose "inaccuracies" in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The letter t > l sent to editor Diana Sroka corrected point-by-point the weak arguments and false claims made by "The Warrior". In response, The Warrior selectively published two sentences of the truth > lies letter to the editor (credited to "The Couga"), and omitted the correction of their "facts". The Warrior, riddled with grammatical errors and baseless claims, has now stooped to a new low, misrepresenting the truth > lies position by omitting the majority of the content of the letter (and publishing without permission a selected part) to suit their own purposes. Furthermore, truth > lies editor JohnnyCougar was never offered a response, nor was a retaraction of Sroka's baseless claims made. With these moves, "The Warrior" cements itself in time as a manifestation of ego rather than a source of accurate information.


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