Friday, January 27, 2006

Russert, Lauer continue to mischaracterize Abramoff donations on Today Show

Just yesterday, Katie Couric interrupted Howard Dean on the Today Show when Dean said "not one dime of Abramoff money went to Democrats." Couric used the often repeated Republican falsehood that Indian tribe donations from tribes that Abramoff at one time worked for are equivalent to Abramoff money. With this logic, and politician that took money from Microsoft took Abramoff money, since Abramoff once worked for Microsoft. The first truth > lies letter to the Today Show can be seen below. Today, NBC brought Tim Russert on to claim that while Dean was "technically" correct according to Lauer, the issue is "broad and wide." The Today Show can be reached at Please help me explain to Russert and Lauer how not one Democrat is involved in this investigation and how Abramoff client donations are not equivalent to Abramoff money. Let them know that the issue is not "broad and wide." Also, explain to them that the tribes that hired Abramoff started giving less money to Democrats once they hired Abramoff. Update: Media Matters now has the video


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